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8 Mascara Hacks for Your Best Lashes Ever

source: pexels.com

1. Always apply two coats of mascara

But the key here is to apply the first coat acts like a primer let it dry and then apply the second little, if you keep putting it on they clump together while you’re waiting for that first coat to dry you might find yourself checking what on Instagram or brushing your teeth

2. Mascara feeling clumpy or dry time to toss

the shelf life of the average mascara is two to four months my next hack keep it squeaky-clean cover up your tube then let your wand sit in hot water for five minutes


3. Forget the waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara sounds great it actually dries out more quickly maybe save it for the next time you’re

4. No lash curler no problem

Step away from the lash curler pick up a curling mascara instead, Benefit Cosmetics roller lash mascara get a load of this wand.

5. No pumping !!

Do not pump your mascara when you do that it adds more air to the tube causing it to drag out.


6. My next tip the powder trick

Want thicker lashes before applying mascara apply powder to your lashes to help thicken them up and make them fluttering like a butterfly or bird.

7. Bottom lashes made easy

Go vertical it’ll help get those baby lashes

8. No liner no problem.

You can use mascara as a gel liner using a flat brush I know mind-blown when it’s time to take off your mascara use coconut oil it’ll slide right off your face and hydrate your lashes.

Now you hold the power for perfect mascara application


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