7 Reasons Why You Have To Drink More Water

The human body is approximately 60 to 80% water, depending on age and gender. It participates in maintaining the balance of vital chemical reactions (homeostasis), in maintaining body temperature, is essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, among others. As our body cannot store the water it needs and must therefore replace the water it eliminates to compensate.

And if these reasons aren’t enough to convince you that you should drink more water, here are 7 more reasons to drink more water:

Improves your mental capacities – good hydration improves cognitive and mental capacities, memory and concentration in addition to the general mood which is generally much lighter with a good glass of water!

Improves your physical abilities – one of the first effects of dehydration is the deterioration of muscle tone and the increased risk of injury. Drinking enough water helps your muscles, including the heart, to function more easily throughout your life. In the context of sports activity, water also helps you to lower your temperature after intense activity and to maintain your energy level.

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure – Water helps maintain optimal blood flow and can delay or even prevent blood clots from forming in veins and arteries that could cause serious heart problems.

Helps Eliminate Toxins From Your Body – Through sweating and urination in particular, our body eliminates a lot of the toxins and wastes it produces through metabolic functions. It is therefore crucial to stay hydrated to replenish the body’s water reserves in order to maintain these functions.

Promotes Gut Health – Optimal hydration improves bowel movement and is often a doctor’s first recommendation for people experiencing the inconvenience of constipation.

Helps Control Your Appetite – Of course there are dozens of drink options that contain water. These other types of drinks, however, may contain sugar or other elements that are undesirable to your health when consumed in large quantities. To promote digestion and, where appropriate, weight loss, water offers some often studied benefits.

Your ally against disease – Water will not cure you of cancer, but it will help you reduce your risk for certain types of disease thanks to its many beneficial effects on health and organ function.

One thing is certain, hydration is an essential condition for health and whatever your reasons for wanting to drink more water, the important thing is without a doubt to follow your instincts!