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This article is based on personal experience, and I’ve tried these tricks many times… ENJOY

The first Hack  I’m going to apply mascara but in the opposite direction of my hair growth but before we apply anything to our lashes let’s go ahead and curl our lashes I’m just using a basic regular stainless-steel color works great for me there’s so many different types of colors now but this is something that I’ve used forever and I’ve never had a problem with it I’m going to open the mouth of the color and take it all the way to the back where the lash meets the skin and I’m going to place it on the lash and curl it make sure you’re not placing it on the skin you don’t want to pinch your skin that’s going to hurt so it’s on the lash and I’m curling it, it lifts the lash and gives it a curl so that keeps it ready for the mascara that’s coming up next.


I’m going to be using my favorite mascara the bad girl bang from benefit when I buy mascara so I always look at two things one it shouldn’t be clumpy and second it should have a long lean applicator when you have a lean applicator it’s easier to navigate it through smaller areas so most likely you will not be smudging it and second when you have a longer applicator it lengthens your lashes if you observe your lashes they naturally curl outwards now if you apply mascara in the same direction it may look flat instead if you can make the lash stand up then that’s going to make it look longer and the way we’ll do that is by applying mascara in the opposite direction of our hair growth I’m going to start at the very bottom I’m going to start wiggling and slow pushing the lashes towards the inner part of the eye and as you can see that push the lashes to stand up straight now that added so much more length to the lashes.

Hack number 2 is to fill in I’m going to start by tightlining my top lash line using a black eye pencil I’m using the Jordana easy liner in black I’ve already applied the mascara when you tightline it makes your lashes appear fuller it almost looks like the lash band of a false lash and finishing up with mascara to the lower lashes gives a more wholesome fuller look throughout.

The next Hack is The double curl method i’m going to start by curling my lashes and then i’m going to apply the mascara i’m going to start with applying it on the top part of my lashes and then to the bottom part make sure you wiggle the applicator to separate out the lashes and pull the lash upward so it lengthens it and while the mascara is still tacky i’m going to curl my lashes again and when you’re done curling make sure to very gently release the curler because you don’t want to pull your natural lashes off and you can wipe off any smudges using a q-tip when you curl your lashes for the second time after applying mascara it retains the shape of the curl because the mascara almost acts like a hairspray


the 4th method is to use a lash primer the one that I’m using is from Milani but there’s so many different options out, I’m going to apply this just like I apply mascara lash primers have a creamy consistency so they make your lashes thicker by depositing product onto your lashes so you’ll be applying mascara over a thicker set of lashes so I’m going to go ahead and apply the mascara now lash primers also make your lashes tacky so it’s easier for the mascara to adhere to your lashes which means it’s going to last longer as you can see the lashes look so much more thicker if you don’t have a primer and can’t get it you may like my hack number 5 below.

which is using a powder I’ve already curled my lashes and now I’m applying my first coat of mascara and while the mascara is still tacky I’m going to coat it with some powder the one that I’m using is maybelline master fix I’m taking a small amount on a flat shader brush and I’m going to go ahead and coat my lashes just like the primer this is going to deposit more product onto your lashes and make it thicker

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