Delicate Eye Pencil Types


Delicate eye pencil contains wax that facilitates application.

Splendid infant blue, green, water, violet, or bronze are incredible when you require brilliant shading on your eyes, rapidly and accurately connected in a line.

Dim eye pencil is better to smudge, or to utilize together with a similar shading eye shadow. Pick shading that compares with your clothing. Eyeliner with sparkle will add an unpretentious sparkle to your eyes_exceptionally provocative.


Apply delicate splendid eyeliner in a thick line over the upper lashes, and a thin line underneath the lower lashes.

You may utilize two hues.The snappiest approach to apply delicate dull eyeliner is to draw a line the distance around your eyes and afterward smoke it with a wipe. For a more advanced look, apply eye shadow of comparative shading on top of your pencil line, mixing the two items together with a little eyeliner brush.