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Different Types of Makeup and Their Benefits

In the event that you don’t know anything about cosmetics, or in case you’re finding out about cosmetics and you require a survey of the rudiments, then this is the post for you. Consider this your definitive prologue to cosmetics and the universe of different cosmetics items.


Underneath we’ve recorded each kind of cosmetics, alongside a fast portrayal of what they are, the means by which they’re utilized, and the best brands you can purchase.

There are more than 3 items on the whole, and we examine each in detail, and afterward, the distance at the base, we discuss the request of cosmetics application.

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Water based Makeup

Water based Makeup can be take your heart away! It offers a natural look to your face that makes it convenient to wear it for an off-the-cuff party with friends or a family get along. Generally, the composition of the water-based makeup contains emulsifiers that bind water and oil. It offers medium coverage with a natural look on your skin. Water-based makeup is split into 3 forms-Polymer-based oil-free formula, Clay-based oil-free formula and Creamy formula. These innovative makeup sorts tend to offer sheer to full coverage on your skin once applied. If you’re up for an off-the-cuff party make-up that stays for long hours, you’ll choose water-based makeups!

silicone based Makeup

Silicone based Makeup offers a singular slip-effect that is why it’s raved loads. This exemplary makeup offers a sleek and uniform end to your skin that tends to stay you comfy. it’s light-weight and offers you a long-lived impact that doesn’t smudge for long hours. Even when 4-5 hours of application, it doesn’t change its impact on your skin. Silicone makeup desires good blending to offer you a unflawed end.

Powder based Makeup

Powder based is simply a breath of fresh air for shiny, sensitive and skin problem prone skin. This makeup offers an impeccable coverage that doesn’t clog your pores or leave a white sew your skin. this is often the foremost amazing methodology of applying makeup on your skin.

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