6 Fluid Eyeliner Uses

Fluid eyeliner gives the most serious and exact line, and remains splendidly fresh after some time.

source: Pexels.com
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1. To draw a consistent line, lay your elbow on a dressing table, or simply hold it with your other hand. To guarantee symmetry, take a shot at both eyes immediately, in turns.

2. Extend the skin around the eye range by looking mostly down, raising the eyebrows in the meantime.

3. Tilt your head back and look straight into the mirror. Apply a stroke from the point where the line will end past the eye, inwards to the external corner of the eye.

4. Enlarge and stretch the line by applying more eyeliner on top of your first stroke, around the focal point of the eye. Open your eye to check your line, and right it appropriately.

5. Complete with a stroke from the internal corner to the focal point of the eye. Smooth out the point where the strokes interface; the line ought to be most stretched out at the external corner of the eye, never over the iris.

6. To cover the skin amongst lashes and eyeliner, apply bruised eye pencil on the internal edges and tenderly mix it into the lashes. For more show, utilize bruised eye pencil to draw a line along your lower lashes. On the lower eyelid the line ought to be genuinely straight, and need not take after the lower edge precisely