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7 Foundation Tips DO’s and DON’Ts

Today we’re gonna talk about foundation, I really want to make a little blog  just talking about the things you should and shouldn’t do with foundation just to make you look flawless.

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Okay let’s get start it with some do’s and don’ts and you do not want to just rub your moisturizer into your skin being all rough this is one of the worst things you can do this is actually really bad for your skin not only does it cost wrinkles but if your skin is very dry it can actually micro exfoliate your skin and what that’s gonna do is just give you like those little patches of kind of skin falling out and maybe you’ve seen it maybe you have it but you definitely don’t want to see it so what you want to do this actually gonna make your moisturizers are really soaked in and it’s gonna work so much better and it’s gonna be better for you in the long run because you’re being so much more gentle with your skin and it’s just gonna be better for wrinkles and just better all around.


Another thing you definitely don’t want to do is skip your primer and then go straight into your foundation that’s gonna be a mess for a couple of reasons and one of them is because hey you skipped your primer and primer is life it’s so good for your skin that really makes your skin just look bright and it makes your family shouldn’t last a lot longer but also if you just go straight into foundation you’re not really letting your skin soak everything in and it’s just gonna be kind of like a slippery mess so you’re not gonna be able to work your foundation then properly it’s not gonna look correct so what you do want to do is definitely apply your primer and you don’t have to apply too much of it just a little bit is fine and then tap it on like you would with your moisturizer and wait for it to dry this is really important so that your skin can really let each product do its work after that you’re all set and then you can actually go into your favorite foundation.

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DON‘T use dirty tools you can use whatever tool you prefer to apply your foundation even your fingers just make sure they’re clean because when they’re dirty bacteria can transfer from your tool to your face and that can cause breakouts and a whole bunch of other things so make sure to keep them squeaky clean so the do for this one is to yes keep your tools clean but also use your favorite one this can be a little bit tricky because sometimes you can see a lot of people using let’s say a beauty blender but you prefer to work with a certain brush or whatever really the best tool for you to apply foundation is the one you prefer it doesn’t have to be the one everybody else is using.


 Another dull is to not wear extra dark foundation to get like a fake tan this really looks terrible try to match your foundation with the rest of your body and this sometimes is not really the same color as your face so that can be a little bit tricky but don’t go way overboard and just go like ten shades darker just because you feel like looking tan that day now remember do match your body color and to do that the best thing is to just work with different foundations until you get the right one and try to match it on your jawline and this way the foundation will really just disappear when you blend it out.

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So that should bring me to a don’t witches don’t stop your foundation right around your face it’s just not realistic to think about just like a really round face of foundation it’s just gonna look good and it’s gonna be like yeah I’m totally wearing my makeup right what you do want to do is blend down towards your neck and you can just blend it a little bit where your jawline ends but I actually feel like it looks better when you blend it towards your neck just because this can change but at least for me since my face is a lot paler than the rest of my body I really need to match my face with the rest of it and I know this happens to a lot of people so just make sure to blend enough to the point where you can actually just make sure your face is looking at least a similar color to the rest of you.



DON’T cake foundation onto your face this is really not necessary and honestly, it just looks bad do go with something natural that it’s enough for your occasion so sometimes you might want to wear a little bit more foundation sometimes you might want to wear less because you’re just going out let’s say for errands but we’re enough for what you’re doing but not to the point where it’s crazy caked up.

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Now don’t skip powder if you’re wearing full coverage foundation I mean you can skip it sometimes if you’re wearing something that’s again really like wait you’re just looking for that dewy finish but if you don’t want your foundation to be transferring especially on to other people’s faces then I really suggest you do not skip it so definitely the do will be to set your foundation and i really suggest you always set it even if it’s for like a daytime event at least with a little translucent powder this is really gonna help your foundation just stay on a lot longer and really avoid anything embarrassing where your foundation is just running all over the place.

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