How to take care of your nails? The solution in 10 tips!

It can happen that our nails start to get damaged by applying varnish. So to find them strong and shiny, here are some tips for taking good care of your nails naturally!

Prefer healthy products

This is the very first piece of advice we want to give you: choose natural varnishes . Their composition is both respectful of the environment and your health. Have you noticed that it often goes hand in hand?

Apply a base coat

When it comes to nail health, it is impossible not to mention the base or base coat . The laying of the base is very important if you want to protect your nails from yellowing or varnish pigments . In addition to that, it can nourish, whiten as well as harden your nails . It all depends on the care you want to give them.

And don’t forget to put some on the tips of your nails!

Moreover, during the summer, it is quite common for the nails to soften a little. Also, use and abuse the protective base which protects your nails and prevents them from splitting .

Whiten nails

Now we move on to nail whitening . For this, we will prepare a small bath for them by cutting half a lemon, the juice of which is poured into a small glass of hot water. And you just have to soak your fingers for a few minutes in the solution.

If you don’t have a lemon, you can also opt for baking soda , which will be brushed onto the nails with an old toothbrush.

This treatment is particularly suitable if you wear a lot of varnish, because this bath eliminates stubborn residues .

Moisturize your nails

Every day, ideally, bring an oil or a cream to moisturize your nails as well as your hands . Hydration, like in many areas, is key. It is also one of the most important steps to take care of your nails, because, concerning them, hydration makes it possible to strengthen them.

We highly recommend this advice, especially if you want to take care of your nails in summer but also your toenails !

Indeed, in the first case, the sun, salt water and sand attack the nails. And in the second, the fact of being locked up and rubbed against the fabric of socks, or shoes, inevitably damages the keratin of the nails.

They are then hydrated with oil which is massaged for a few minutes to make it penetrate well. Take the opportunity to nourish your cuticles .

And which vegetable oil do we choose? We particularly recommend:

  • the sweet almond oil which nourishes in depth and prevents the splitting of the nails;
  • the castor oil which stimulates nail growth and also hydrates in depth;
  • or even buriti oil which has restorative properties.

Push back cuticles

The cuticle is a fairly hard, thick skin that covers the nail and lunula (the white spot at the base of the nail). Rather, it is an aesthetic step that involves removing the nail from this small membrane .

First, immerse your hand in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. It is rather not recommended to cut them, because they come back in a more voluminous way.

And there you have it, you have clean nails!

File your nails gently

Know that the nails are like the hair, when they are damaged, the damaged part must be removed to prevent them from deteriorating further. It is also more recommended to file than to cut with a nail clipper, because it tends to split them.

The filing step is quite crucial in how you look after your nails. We also preferred a glass file rather than cardboard or metal, because it does not wear out (+1 for zero waste) and does not cause snags, which makes the nails stronger. .

Next is how you go about it.

Always file gently and constantly in the same direction (from left to right or vice versa, but never back and forth).

It is then up to you to see what shape you want to give your nails.

Polish Your nails

Equipped with a polisher , comes the time to polish the nails . To be done once a month, not more, as this could damage it. This step will lightly whiten them.

You can then smooth the nail plate , which allows, you will understand, to smooth your nail and thus, the varnish to adhere better.

It is a step to privilege before carrying out his manicure, because it allows to prepare the nail to be varnished.

Take a break between each nail polish application

We know that for some, applying a new color as soon as the previous one is removed is really tempting. But your nails also need some fresh air!

So take a break for a few days so that the nail can breathe and take the opportunity to pamper them with oil.

Opt for foods that promote growth

If your nails are really damaged and weakened, you can also turn to certain foods. We think in particular:

  • to food supplements, such as brewer’s yeast , or to wheat germ . These foods are rich in vitamin B. In addition, they also strengthen the hair.
  • the zinc ( lentils, rye bread ) and iron ( parsley and nuts ).
  • sulfur, especially for soft nails, which you find in turnip , cabbage or even onion .

Protect your nails from household products

Last advice: avoid as much as possible any contact with household products , and especially when they are not natural. Indeed, some are composed of ingredients that we do not suspect to be very aggressive.

However, we must continue to clean! We advise you to wear gloves every time you do the cleaning or the dishes . It will also protect your hands at the same time.

And with all that, what pretty nails there are!

And you, what are your tips for taking care of your nails naturally? Do some work better than others?